Let Your Journey Begin

Our Vision

The xHunter’s very foundation is based on combining both the great outdoors, and Blockchain technology.

Our engaging 3D game that involves hunting, using uniquely created characters and Visually captivating gaming worlds.

The second aspect the xHunter project is that we will hosting the largest intense, adrenaline inducing outdoor tournaments/events worldwide. Our community, no matter where they are, will be able to participate virtually, real time to feel the adrenaline rush that the out door tournaments will bring. These tournaments will require our token for voting and supporting the teams. The winners and voters of the winning team will then win rare NFTs and Cash bonuses.

In conjunction with our events, we will include a tandem NFT ecosystem.

The ONLY requirement to participate in our events is to be a holder of the xHunter token.


Our unique tokenomics and buy-back system have been designed to create constant hype cycles without the need for any bullish news. This will inevitably cause price levels to increase organically and rapidly.

Happy Hour Disabled.

*Happy hour is when the Buy tax is 0% and sell tax is 30%. (Outside of happy hour, our tax is 10% on buys and 10% on sells)

Safeguarding the Community Funds

xHUNTER is here for the long run and we are utilizing a 3 step aspect to attract investors and drive the token’s floor price by encouraging holding.

The first step is a tier system. This system has 5 tiers. The more tokens one holds, the higher one ranks on this tier system. Likewise, the higher one ranks, the greater the chances of winning No-Loss Lotteries.


Let’s picture all the holders rewards into 5 tiers. The more the tokens tou hold, the higher the tier you belong to. For instance, if xHunter is giving away $1 million, then each tier can win 20% of the lottery. Each tier can have multiple winners, tier 1 can have 4 winners while tier 3 can have 16.


This means that the few holders in tier 1 have a higher chance of winning a bigger chunk of the prize pool as compared to the large number of holders in tier 5 who have a slimmer chance of winning a smaller prize.


Once winners win a prize they must take part in the next step which is to buy back. Winners will be rewarded half their earnings in the form of BNB. They must then use this half to purchase xHunter tokens in a new wallet. 

Using the above example again, if the prize pool is $1 million, then winners will have $500,000 to buy back $XHT tokens. Once the purchase is complete the winner will receive the rest of their prize. For transparency too, the lottery drawings will be conducted on livestream!


This wallet will then be blacklisted for a week to act as an anti-dumping mechanism, and the whale buy-back feature contributes to increasing the token’s price floor. 


To enter an xHunter lottery, one must partake in the platform’s snapshot. Every 72 hours, the platform takes 2 snapshots of its holders. One at the start of the 72 hours and one at the end. Those holding xHunter tokens between the 72 hours will enter that tier pool as determined by the first snapshot.

If one buys more tokens after the first snapshot, they automatically join the higher tier in the next cycle. In contrast, if a holder sells their tokens after a snapshot, they are immediately disqualified from that cycle’s lottery. After every 72 hours, there will be a 12 hour window for investors to load up and prepare for the next cycle.

Community Focused

Our main focus is to grow a strong community of passionate members and most importantly putting them before anyone else.
Maintaining and updating our systems from an end user perspective is one of our core philosophies.

NFT Ecosystem System

xHUNTER is inspired by the outdoors. We want people to experience the adrenaline rush of Outdoor tournaments virtually from the comfort of their homes. The xHUNTER NFT Ecosystem is designed to ensure that holders of XHT and players of xHUNTER GAME experience the best of both worlds of the outdoors and block-chain gaming world.


With our unique tokenomics we are self sustainable and can accomplish multiple streams of revenue, reducing the necessity of constantly rearranging wallets.

Service Excellence

We are always striving for excellence and constantly thinking of ways to innovate on our vision. We are serious about revolutionising this space and making it easier for the average person to be introduced into the world of crypto. Maintaining and updating our systems from an end user perspective is one of our core philosophies.

How Are We Going to Achieve Our Vision

Some of the biggest outdoor adventure events globally!

The xHunter

Meet Our Team

Moudi (CEO)

Moudi discovered his visionary nature at a young age, which he has continued to nurture and express, evidenced in the numerous successful enterprises in his career thus far.

Mohammad (COO)

Mohammad is an avid enthusiast of the great outdoors, who loves to take an active role in not only its exploration, but also in conceptualizing its connection to industry.